Data Fields
picotm_error Struct Reference

#include <picotm-error.h>

Data Fields

const char * description
bool is_non_recoverable
enum picotm_error_status status
struct picotm_rwlockconflicting_lock
int errno_hint
enum picotm_error_code error_hint
kern_return_t kern_return_t_value

Detailed Description

Describes an error.

Field Documentation

◆ conflicting_lock

struct picotm_rwlock* picotm_error::conflicting_lock

The conflicting lock for PICOTM_CONFLICTING if known, or NULL otherwise.

◆ description

const char* picotm_error::description

A string with additonal information about the error.

◆ errno_hint

int picotm_error::errno_hint

The picotm errno for PICOTM_ERRNO if known, or 0 otherwise.

◆ error_hint

enum picotm_error_code picotm_error::error_hint

The picotm error code for PICOTM_ERROR_CODE if known, or PICOTM_GENERAL_ERROR otherwise.

◆ is_non_recoverable

bool picotm_error::is_non_recoverable

True is the error is non-recoverable, or false otherwise.

◆ kern_return_t_value

kern_return_t picotm_error::kern_return_t_value

The picotm kern_return_t value for PICOTM_KERN_RETURN_T.

◆ status

enum picotm_error_status picotm_error::status

The status code of the error.

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