picotm  0.7.0
picotm-libm.h File Reference

Public interfaces of picotm's libm module. More...

#include <picotm/compiler.h>


PICOTM_NOTHROW void picotm_libm_save_fenv (void)
PICOTM_NOTHROW void picotm_libm_save_fexcept (void)

Detailed Description

The public interfaces of the libm module allow for saving the floating-point environment and status flags. This should usually not be done from within the transaction itself. Instead use these functions from within other modules if they modify these settings.

Function Documentation

◆ picotm_libm_save_fenv()

PICOTM_NOTHROW void picotm_libm_save_fenv ( void  )

Saves the floating-point environment.

◆ picotm_libm_save_fexcept()

PICOTM_NOTHROW void picotm_libm_save_fexcept ( void  )

Saves the floating-point status flags.