Version 0.4.0 of picotm has been released today.

Here’s a list of new features and bug fixes.

  • The package now builds in C11 mode by default. C11 is a minimum requirement. Gcc 4.8 to 7.1 and clang 4.0 should be compatible.

  • The module library now contains support for reference counters, R/W locks and thread-local R/W state, shared and thread-local tree maps, and container structures.

  • Cleaned up R/W state maps and R/W lock maps in fd module.

  • The file-descriptor table is now protected by transactional data structures.

  • The vfs module has been merged into the fd module.

  • Internal cleanups.

  • Bug: Fixed offsets of file-buffer record locks. (#67)

  • Bug: Add lost support for directories (#79)

  • Bug: Add missing break statements in fcntl() code (#83)

picotm 0.4.0 is available for download on the GitHub release page.

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