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At a Glance

Picotm is a system-level transaction manager. It provides transactional semantics for low-level and operating-system functionality. It's flexible and extensible to cover exactly your requirements. Error handling and thread isolation are provided by picotm, all you have to implement is the application logic.

Picotm is implemented in plain C and is well-suited for implementing applications and firmware that is secure, reliable and thread-safe; yet easy to develop. This makes picotm well-suited for multi-threaded and fault-tolerant software.

Picotm is Open Source under the terms of the MIT License; viable for use with free and proprietary software.

Free and commercial support is available.

News and Updates

  • picotm 0.11.1 released

    Version 0.11.1 of picotm has been released today. It fixes a bug in the distribution tarball which prevented building. Thanks to Stephan Hegel for reporting this problem.

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  • picotm 0.11.0 released

    Version 0.11.0 of picotm has been released today. It includes support for safe type casting and arithmetics. Overflows or underflows of the destination type’s range, or division-by-zero errors result in the rollback of the transaction. Cate is now the official mascot of the picotm project.

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  • Welcome, Cate!

    No Free Software or Open Source project is complete without a mascot representing it in public, at conferences, or on external web sites. Going through a long list of candidates, from A as in albatross to Z as in zebra, one candidate out-performed them all. Without further ado, here’s Cate.

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