The picotm project regularly releases stable versions of the software. You can always find the latest version, or any previous one, on the Release page.

If you are interested in the latest snapshot, or want to develop picotm itself, you’ll have to download the git repository. On your GNU/Linux system, enter

    git clone
    cd picotm

to download the latest source code; including test cases. Follow the instructions in the README file to build and configure the software.

If you have a bug fix or implemented a new feature for picotm, we’d welcome a pull request.

Cate Images

Cate is picotm’s mascot. Images are available in different formats and sizes.


SVG EPS PNG (54x64) PNG (216x256) PNG (432x512)

Creative Commons License
Images of Cate are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.