Version 0.10.0 of picotm has been released today. It includes support for single-byte Transactional Memory, fast discards of free’d transactional memory, Valgrind-instrumented testing, and much more.

Here’s a full list of new features and bug fixes.

  • Single-byte Transactional Memory. The TM module now maintains state for each individual byte. Previous versions only operated on complete memory words. The new feature avoids problems with dynamic memory and false positives by memory checkers.
  • TM-buffer discards: Transactional memory buffers can now be discarded when they are freed. This improves the performance of free_tx() and similar functions.
  • Valgrind-instrumented test cases. In addition to regular testing, all single-threaded test cases now run under Valgrind.
  • Tests for math error. Many tests have been added to test the error detection in the libm module.
  • Transactional txlib-entry initialization. Entries for txlib data structures can now be initialized from within transactions; hence simplifying the use of the data structure in general.
  • Redesigned event log.
  • Improved portability of Autoconf scripts.
  • Bug fix: Restore shared libraries (#219)
  • Bug fix: Fix test for libc (#220, #236)
  • Bug fix: Release old memory buffers in realloc_tx() (#224)
  • Bug fix: Release OFD transactions at transaction end (#227)

picotm 0.10.0 is available for download on the GitHub release page.

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