No Free Software or Open Source project is complete without a mascot representing it in public, at conferences, or on external web sites. Going through a long list of candidates, from A as in albatross to Z as in zebra, one candidate out-performed them all. Without further ado, here’s Cate.


Cate is a cat (lat: Failis resolvestris catus). Like all cats, she’s an excellent hacker. She especially knows how to program her owner to open doors or food cans for her.

Cate cares about transactional execution. She’s an expert in error handling: Cate has nine lives and always lands on her paws. She also likes multi-threading: the more threads, the better; especially if they are made of wool.

Welcome, Cate!

Cate was designed and drawn by Zsófia Szikszó of eloquium GmbH. Thanks to Ms. Szikszó for her work on the mascot.

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