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At a Glance

Picotm is a system-level transaction manager. It provides transactional semantics for low-level and operating-system functionality. It's flexible and extensible to cover exactly your requirements. Error handling and thread isolation are provided by picotm, all you have to implement is the application logic.

Picotm is implemented in plain C and is well-suited for implementing applications and firmware that is secure, reliable and thread-safe; yet easy to develop. This makes picotm well-suited for multi-threaded and fault-tolerant software.

Picotm is Open Source under the terms of the MIT License; viable for use with free and proprietary software.

Free and commercial support is available.

News and Updates

  • picotm 0.10.0 released

    Version 0.10.0 of picotm has been released today. It includes support for single-byte Transactional Memory, fast discards of free’d transactional memory, Valgrind-instrumented testing, and much more.

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  • Fwd: A picotm Demo Application

    Recently, I uploaded a demo application for picotm to GitHub. It reads random data from the operating system, sorts it into a number of buffers, and visualizes the buffer content on the terminal. A posting in my blog has the details.

    Best regards

  • picotm 0.9.0 released

    Version 0.9.0 of picotm has been released today. Includes support for Windows, MacOS X and FreeBSD; and feature-test macros for supported system interfaces.

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